What is a poultice? How does it benefit humans? A poultice is also known as a cataplasm. It is a paste created from a variety of herbs, plants, and other substances. These are for healing properties. A poultice is applied by spreading it on a warm and moist cloth. Then, it is applied to the body to relieve inflammation. In some cases, a poultice can also be used directly on your skin. As a home remedy, a poultice has been used for centuries to treat inflammation, bug bites, and other wounds. Check out all about kaolin poultice for humans here.

Kaolin Poultice Uses and Effectiveness

From the ingredients to the methods, poultice gives you plenty of benefits. When added with kaolin, it becomes more effective in terms of healing. White kaolin clays are a natural mineral source that can absorb oil and water. It can also clean stains and cleanse you from toxins.

Check out some of these sample cases to know the benefits of kaolin poultice:

1. To Cure an Abscess

Also known as a boil, an abscess is a group of pus formed due to an infection caused by bacteria. As a home remedy, poultice works wonders to cure an abscess. The moist heat draws out the infection and helps to shrink the abscess before it dries naturally—for example, Epsom salt. Adding kaolin to Epsom salt will speed up the healing process.

2. To Treat Infections

Herbs, mud, or clay that form the poultice can treat infections more effectively. Add some white kaolin clay to it. The poultice will kill bacteria and draw out the infection much faster. The plus side of it, the process will also cleanse your skin and not leave any scars.

3. To Deal with The Cyst

Not only acne, but the cyst can also be a problem, health, and confidence-wise. Inside the sac, there is a mixture of solid substances and fluids. A cyst can grow in numbers, sizes, and different types from on and under your skin. It is best that you also have it checked by your doctor before you start applying any poultice on it. A poultice can help to drain the cyst faster before it falls off. However, for the cyst under your skin, you might need to take something orally – based on your doctor’s prescriptions.

4. To Treat the Diabetic Ulcer

In the late 1800s, a poultice of linseed was used to soften calluses before removing the diseased tissue, and antiseptic application took place. In 2016, another poultice made of fern Blechnum Orientale was tried on rats. It cured their diabetic ulcer. However, more research is still required for its effects on humans.

5. To Treat Arthritis

In 2010, ten adults with osteoarthritis learned that their pain and stiffness were reduced by applying a warm ginger compress to the kidney area. It means, applying kaolin poultice for humans with arthritis can help to relieve their inflammation and pain. It represents an improvement to their well-being.

Kaolin Poultice Side Effects: Precautions and Warnings

As usual, you may need to consider them carefully when it comes to home remedies or home remedy products. It depends on what you are treating at the moment. Besides white kaolin clay, these are the ingredients you can use to make poultice:

1. Herbs

From minor skin irritations, infections to abrasions, here are the herbs: turmeric, eucalyptus, onion, cat’s claw, ginger, dandelion, and garlic.

2. Other Ingredients

You can also use ingredients to make poultice: Epsom salt, coconut oil, aloe vera, bread, activated charcoal, milk, and baking soda.

Before you start using the poultice, test it first by applying a bit on your forearm. If there is an allergic reaction, refrain from using it or change the ingredients with other herbs and substances. If you feel alright, then you can start applying the poultice on the affected area.

Use a clean cloth when applying a poultice to an open wound. However, keep in mind that poultice on a cloth should not be used for a seriously infected wound. It is best to seek professional medical help if that is the case.

Any poultice you make should best be warm instead of hot. The last thing you ever want is to burn your skin.

There are many ways to treat your wounds with kaolin poultice for humans. Once again, check the problems you are having, or anyone who is suffering at the moment. Then, make a poultice with the correct ingredients before applying it to the wounds.