PT. Yudian Kawan Mineral

The leading company in producing and supplying high-quality kaolin in local and overseas.

Serving 100+ happy clients with more than 200+ staff members over 30 years of existence.

We Listen And Work Together To Create The Best Solution For Your Needs

We strive to be the best supplier in Kaolin. We offer our best technology processing to produce a stable and high-quality kaolin for our customers.


For the past three decades, we keep producing a pure slurry kaolin by using a chemical-free washing process and a hydro cyclone technology, assuring the production of uncontaminated kaolin.

Long Term Parnertship

We committed to be your long term partnership, assuring the fulfilment of the production needs in the long run. Equipped with decades of experience, we always provide a professional service.

After Sales Support

We were on call for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, to support and ensure that you receive the finest services possible. We provide mutually beneficial problem solving, and ensure every customer receives the same professional after sales service treatment

Ask for Free Sample

Feel free to ask our high-quality kaolin sample for your trial. We will support and fulfill your needs.

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Washed Kaolin Clay 325 Mesh

PT. Yudian Kawan Mineral

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Jl. Prof Dr Latumenten Perkantoran Grogol Permai Blok B-36, West Jakarta, Indonesia, 14460

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