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PT. Yudian Kawan Mineral


YUKAMI has more than thirty years of experience in kaolin mining industry and is an expert in creating various kaolin products such as kaolin powder, kaolin noodle and kaolin lump. The products have been widely used in local industries in Indonesia as well as overseas such as Taiwan, China, Bangladesh, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines and many other Asian countries.

Industries that use kaolin as filler are ceramic, rubber, paint, white glue, gypsum, glazed ceramic, fertilizer, etc.

The quality is strictly under supervision of our laboratory as well as independent laboratory company.


We have provided the most qualified kaolin supply to our local customers as well as international customers for the past three decades and we promise, new clients will receive the same professional service and products as we have always done.

We use washing system for our kaolin products without any mixture of chemicals and we use hydrocyclone to achieve pure slurry kaolin which ensure the production of uncontaminated kaolin product.

Customer may ask for free sample to test YUKAMI’s kaolin products by contacting us directly through email or phone number.

PT. Yudian Kawan Mineral

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Jl. Prof Dr Latumenten Perkantoran Grogol Permai Blok B-36, West Jakarta, Indonesia, 14460

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