Kaolin Filler 325 Mesh

Kaolin derives from Kaolinite which is a mineral categorized in alumino-silicates. Due to its first discovery in China, Kao Lin 高嶺 (Gāo lǐng), it is commonly called as China clay. Common clay minerals with majority of kaolinite composition are commonly referred as kaolin. They are results caused by the modification of alkali feldspar and micas. Due to two traits of kaolin, its whiteness and plasticity, it is widely used as filler grade, pigment, raw material for ceramic, and extender. As a raw material, it is also essential for industries of refractories, catalysts, fiberglass and cement.

Kaolin Lump/ Cake

Moisture Content

Kaolin Noodle

Moisture Content

Kaolin Powder

Moisture Content


PP Woven Small Bag/ Jumbo Bag

Our product is packaged in small PP Woven Bag and Jumbo Bag. There were few options for our packaging:

  1. Packaged in small PP Woven Bag
    1. Noodle and Lump : 50 Kgs
    2. Powder : 40 Kgs
  2. Packaged in Jumbo Bag
    1. Noodle and Lump : 1,000 Kgs
    2. Powder : 750 Kgs
  3. Packaged in small PP Woven Bag into Jumbo Bag
    1. Noodle : 1,000 Kgs (20 small bag x 50 Kgs)
    2. Powder : 800 Kgs ( 20 small bag x 40 Kgs)

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