Whether you make your own or buy it from somewhere, your lipstick probably contains kaolin as one of the major ingredients. Kaolin use in lipstick has become so common, contributing to the consistency, opacity, and other physical effects.

How does kaolin contribute to the quality of lipsticks?

Kaolin and Matte Lipsticks

Kaolin or white clay mineral is a common ingredient for matte lipsticks. You will find it in many homemade lipstick recipes or ingredient lists on factory-made products. Unlike glossy lipstick, matte lipstick gives a velvety and shine-free finish. Kaolin has a fat-binding quality that helps reduce the “oily effect” on the product.

Thanks to kaolin, matte lipstick can offer many benefits compared to glossy ones. It is less likely to smudge or leave a stain, which means you only need fewer reapplications. Matte lipstick also looks more natural and is less likely to clash with other cosmetic products or your outfits.

Finally, matte lipstick that contains kaolin is ideal for hot weather or sunny days. It does not easily melt in the heat, like glossy lipstick. Matte lipstick also feels lighter on the lips during hot weather, even when you are perspiring.

Other Benefits of Kaolin for Lipsticks

Kaolin use in lipstick is more than giving a matte effect. Here are other benefits of adding kaolin to lipstick ingredients:

1. More Adhesion in The Lipstick

Kaolin adds extra adhesion to the lipstick. It helps you retain the lipstick on the lips, reducing reapplications and smearing. You can also save your lipstick because it does not stick everywhere. More adhesion also means the lipstick has better-staying power, ideal for busy people who need to look their best all day long.

2. Improving Lips’ Surface Appearance

Do you know that the right lipstick improves the appearance of your lips? Lipstick with kaolin makes your lips look smoother and velvet-like. Kaolin’s miniscule particles also provide a gentle exfoliation effect, scrubbing the dead cells and improving the look of your lips’ surface.

3. Ideal for People with Sensitive Skin

Having sensitive skin makes cosmetic shopping harder because you need to prevent other problems. Many products for sensitive skin, including lipstick, contain natural minerals like kaolin. It has very fine grain sizes, which make the product less irritable for sensitive skin.

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4. Better Coating Function

Nothing more frustrating than having a lipstick that does not coat well, especially if it has a light consistency. Kaolin powder is considered a swelling agent, which helps you coat your lips better with lipstick. This means you do not need to apply super thick lipstick just to coat your lips well.

5. Improving Color

Kaolin is used in industries like pottery because of its pigmentation effect. As a fat-binding ingredient, kaolin improves the colors of any decorative object, from ceramic tiles to lipstick. Adding kaolin improves the brightness and opacity of the coloring agent. Your lipstick will look more attractive (you can see the effect after adding kaolin to homemade lipstick).

6. Friendlier Option for Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, you know the struggle of reducing the shiny look on your face. People with oily skin also struggle to find the right lipstick that does not feel heavy. Kaolin powder is often added to cosmetic products for people with oily skin, including lipsticks. It coats your lips well without making them shiny or heavy.

7. No Creasing or Cracking

Creasing and cracking are common problems in a low-quality matte lipstick. Kaolin powder can help reduce these undesirable visual effects, especially if you are not a fan of thick application or glossy lipstick. Less creasing or cracking also helps in making non-liquid matte lipstick.

Caution About Kaolin in Lipstick

Before using kaolin in lipstick, make sure to understand the correct type of kaolin.

Any business owners or lipstick makers must always use cosmetic-grade kaolin powder. This product is properly washed with fine particle size and a high purity level. Kaolin powder for any cosmetic products must be devoid of heavy metals and other trace elements.

Kaolin powder with a high level of purity is generally safe for the skin because it is natural. However, if you make lipsticks with kaolin, make sure to conduct patch tests and other types of necessary tests to see its effects.

Kaolin is used in various daily products, including lipstick. Understanding kaolin use in lipstick will help you appreciate its benefits, especially if you make your lipstick or build a cosmetic business.