The modern metal industry has foundry casting as its center, and you can benefit from investing in kaolin to partner with metal manufacturers. There are future potentials for the use of kaolin in foundry casting, especially with the perpetual trend and demands for metal manufacturing.

What is Foundry Casting?

In metal manufacturing, foundry casting is a process of pouring hot, molten metal into a mold, creating pieces of metal with various shapes. Foundry casting allows manufacturers to create various objects for diverse types of industry or business. One of the most popular materials for foundry casting mold is sand.

Compared to other casting mold types like ceramic, die mold, or loam molding, sand is cheap and accessible, easy to gain and more practical for large-scale metal manufacturing. “Green sand” is a type of common casting that consists of wet sand and binding material, like clay.

Despite being made of a cheap, simple material, sand casting has a good refractory, ideal for even steel manufacturing. This is where you can enter if you are interested in kaolin clay investment.

Kaolin and Sand Mold in Foundry Casting

The use of kaolin in foundry casting is mainly as a binding material in the aggregate. Kaolin clay is mixed with green sand to form a mold. It provides extra strength, flexibility, and elasticity. 

The green sand consists of (usually) silica sand, binding material, water, and sludge. Silica sand is a very common option in foundries around the world because it is cheap. However, since silica sand particles tend to “explode” and ruin the mold, clay must be added to stabilize and strengthen it while keeping the elasticity intact. 

In a 2021 engineering study conducted in Nigeria, researchers found that kaolin worked well as a binding material for the local Azare silica sand. Kaolin increased the bulk density, permeability, and flowability levels of the sand, giving it potentials to be used as a molding material in foundry casting. Kaolin can be used to replace bentonite clay, a typical binding material for the green sand used in foundry casting.

Benefits of Using Kaolin in Foundry Casting

Kaolin offers various benefits in foundry casting, such as:

  1. Cheaper Material for Mold

Green sand mold is the most common option for foundries, especially since silica sand is available naturally in many regions. Kaolin clay offers cost-effective binding material to be used for green sand mold. This is a perfect choice to support foundry businesses and invest in material distribution or supply.

  1. Reduced Risks of Defects

Improper sand mold can cause product defects because it affects the form of the metal. Kaolin can increase the strength, permeability, and prehensile strength to keep the mold in good shape. This results in decreased risk of defects and increased quality in the final products.

  1. Many Options for the Forms

Kaolin is available in many forms. You can find kaolin as powder, lumps, and noodles; each with different moisture content to pick based on industrial needs. For example, powder has low moisture content, while kaolin cake or lump is much higher (around 33 to 36 percent of moisture content). Different forms also mean more options and flexibility in storage and shipment.

  1. Provide More Product Options for Buyers

Foundries with good casting quality can fulfill demands for more varied and sophisticated metal products. Kaolin can help foundries create high-quality sand mold, which contributes to high-quality metal products. This means more options to fulfill buyers’ demands, which means more profits.

  1. Fewer Risks of Hazards

Kaolin clay is a material found naturally in many wet regions in the world. It is not environmentally hazardous and quite safe to store and work with. Together with green sand, it results in a perfect mold with fewer hazard risks.

  1. Support More Efficient Casting Process

Sand mold can be made more quickly, allowing foundries to produce metal goods faster and better fulfill customers’ high demands. Kaolin clay supports this quick and efficient mold creation, which in turn is good for all the businesses involved.

You will need high-grade kaolin supplies to invest in foundry casting business. Luckily, you do not lack options.

Kaolin Supply Solution for Your Investment

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