Among all the major markets of kaolin in the world, Russia sits in the top five. Kaolin in Russia has a huge market, with many industries using it for manufacturing popular products and commodities. Find out more about how the Russian market responds to kaolin and its industry potential.

Kaolin Market Trend in Russia

Russia sits among China, Japan, Pakistan, and Indonesia as the world’s largest kaolin market. Its global shared market reached 53 percent, with the highest growth record in 2020 (compared to the modest growth of other top countries). 

Russia is not counted as a top exporter, but it is still a regular kaolin exporter to countries like Israel, Azerbaijan, Poland, Tunisia, and Mongolia. Top kaolin exporters include Henkel Rus, Ltd., Amcor Flexibles Novgorod, and Phoenix-PRESENTS.

The prospect of the kaolin market in Russia might receive a positive trend, thanks to the increasing global kaolin market growth. According to the 2020 – 2030 market analysis report by Grand View Research, the international kaolin market is expected to show an annual growth rate of 3.7 percent.

Where to Find Kaolin in Russia

Russia has several kaolin deposits utilized by its major manufacturers and industries.

An ancient clay deposit was discovered in Volodino in the 18th Century, which boosted the ceramic pottery industry in the areas near the Gzhelka River. To this day, the nearby village of Gzhel has served as a major center of the traditional ceramic pottery industry.

Aside from the Eleninsk and Kyshtym deposits, Russia has founded new kaolin sources with good potential to support its industries. A 2019 study report showed that a new kaolin deposit was discovered in Voronezh Anteclise, a result of slow, persistent works by organic substances.

Finally, there is a more elusive kaolin deposit location with good potential. In 2011, the Zhuravlinyi deposits in Chelyabinsk District were reported as one of the newer sources, and it is said to have better quality than older deposits.

What Industries Utilizing Kaolin in Russia?

Example of the use of kaolin in russia

Kaolin in Russia is used in a wide range of industries. Here are some notable examples:

1. Ceramic Tile Industry

Russia has a thriving ceramic industry, especially tiles. There is a huge demand for Russian tiles around the world, and kaolin is one of the main materials. Kaolin is used to improve the look, coloring, and density. Adding kaolin to the tile glaze, for example, will enhance the look and prevent crumbling.

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2. Paper Industry

As a developed country, Russia requires a lot of kaolin-coated paper for almost all activities. Kaolin coat improves the look, glossiness, opacity, and brightness of paper sheets. It also extends the fiber and improves the strength of the sheet.

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3. Aluminum Industry

Aluminum producers in Russia have started to use kaolin as a material in alumina production for various industries. The strategy helps Russia reduce aluminum dependency on other countries. UC Rusal was the first Russian aluminum producer that developed technology to utilize kaolin.

4. Plastic and Rubber Industry

Kaolin is used in the plastic and rubber industry, especially in construction. It helps to reinforce the structural integrity, coat cables, and other critical materials and improve the tone of white paint or coat.

5. Home Insulation Industry

Russia has a huge need for insulation materials in houses and other buildings. Kaolin is one of the best mixtures for insulation materials. It helps retain heat longer in houses and buildings.

The Future of Kaolin in Russia

Kaolin may see rising popularity in Russia. The country has got 65 percent of its alumina supply from other countries (mostly from China). Therefore, Russia planned to build its own alumina factories, reducing the dependency and cutting the production cost in the metal industry.

Reducing kaolin dependency is also important in light of the conflict with Ukraine. Russia had imported high-quality Ukrainian kaolin for its ceramic industry, with the majority coming from a deposit in the Donetsk region. Less dependency means Russia can stay among the top global kaolin markets despite any situation.

Russia’s need for kaolin is also decided by its major industries, such as ceramic and ceramic coating. For example, a 2022 report by Statista indicated that Russia’s ceramic market is likely to reach more than 363 million US Dollars in 2027. This means there will always be huge potential for the kaolin market in the country.

Kaolin in Russia plays a big role in the market and trade. Therefore, the Russian kaolin industry has a positive outlook in business, especially in import. (PT Yudian Kawan Mineral) is ready to assist your business in exporting kaolin to Russia. Contact us for further information and join the rising kaolin market in Russia.