Myanmar is a country with rich natural resources, including minerals. Kaolin in Myanmar is mined and imported, and it is a popular material for the country’s various industries. Any business owners interested in kaolin trade could consider Myanmar as one of the countries to sell to.

Find out more about Myanmar’s potential in the kaolin trade below.

Overview of Myanmar’s Kaolin Market

Mineral resources, including kaolin, are among the top three contributors to Myanmar’s economy, alongside forestry products and agriculture. Kaolin in the country is collected from areas like the Shan State and the soil near the Irrawaddy River, the country’s largest and most important river. 

Myanmar’s kaolin trade actually saw fluctuations but modest performances between 2010 and 2021. A negative trend was shown in both imports and export between 2020 and 2021, with a negative growth of -11.88 percent for imports, from around USD643,000 to USD566, 520. However, Myanmar still imports the majority of its kaolin needs, so there are still potentials for business owners to sell kaolin to the country.

Currently, the top countries where Myanmar imports its kaolin are Malaysia, China, Australia, India, and the United States. However, Indonesia is one of the major kaolin sources for Myanmar. Meanwhile, Thailand is one of the major exporters of kaolin from Myanmar.

What Industries That Use Kaolin in Myanmar

Myanmar has several industries that support the country’s economy and may need a constant supply of kaolin. Agricultural and wood products are the main ones, followed by construction materials, metalworks like iron and copper, pharmaceuticals, and paint and pigment. Many products from these industries use kaolin for various purposes.

Myanmar also sees the rapid expansion of digital proficiency, which is beneficial in supporting the country’s trade, including the kaolin market. The country has also opened its door for more exposure to international buyers and sellers after decades of isolation. These factors contribute to more potential for kaolin trade.

How Kaolin Is Used in Myanmar

Example of the use of kaolin in myanmar

Kaolin in Myanmar has great potential to be used in these products:

1. Cement and Other Construction Materials

Kaolin is growing in popularity as a construction material with low environmental impact. Kaolin is often mixed with cement or aggregate to add strength and durability to the construction. Kaolin is also perfect for reducing fire risk because of its high melting temperature.

2. Fertilizer

Kaolin is widely used in agriculture products like fertilizer. Kaolin is used as a prilling to create nitrate particles or filler to reduce caking. While using kaolin for fertilizer is still not widespread, it helps improve fertilizer quality.

3. Skincare

Some skincare products, such as facial masks and soap, may contain kaolin. This mineral is used because of its high rate of absorbance. Therefore, it is perfect for oily or acne-prone skin and daily skin maintenance.

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4. Whiteware and Pottery

Many whiteware industries use kaolin to create more shine and brightness on the surface of their products. Kaolin is also used to produce pottery pigment, creating a beautiful matte finish.

5. Rubber 

Myanmar’s rubber industry can benefit from kaolin. The mineral makes a good filler material for rubber-based products like rubber bands. Kaolin can help add integral strength to the products mixed in, creating a stronger and sturdier rubber product.

6. Pharmaceutical Products

Myanmar’s pharmaceutical industry can benefit from kaolin. It is one of the most popular filler ingredients to make capsules. It is also added to medications for diarrhea and sores because of its ability to absorb moisture.

7. Paper

Myanmar both makes and imports kaolin-coated paper. It is now used in various industries and workplaces. Paper with a kaolin coat tends to be bright with high opacity, and creates good results with writing (using ink) and printing.

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