The global market size of kaolin is massive. In 2021, its market size worldwide reached up to USD4.24 billion. It is also expected to undergo a growth rate (CAGR) of 3.7% from 2022 to 2030. In this case, Cambodia has become one of the countries with a significant market size for kaolin. To get a more comprehensive insight into it, here’s everything about kaolin in Cambodia you need to weigh up.

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Market Trend for Kaolin in Cambodia

As in most countries, kaolin is still an essential mineral needed in various industries. In Cambodia, kaolin is also one of the minerals considered to be highly valuable. So, no wonder this country is known as one of the largest kaolin importers in the world. Cambodia imports most of its kaolin from Vietnam, Germany, and India.

Based on Worldbank data, in 2018, Cambodia imported kaolin and other kaolinic clays from China as much as 157.242 kg, France 16,349 kg, India 36,723 kg, and other Asian countries 4,941 kg. Considering the data, the kaolin market size in Cambodia is definitely enormous.

Where to Find Kaolin in Cambodia

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When it comes to discovering kaolin-producing places in Cambodia, few references can be found. There is an area in Cambodia known for producing kaolin, namely Kampong Thom Province. Other potential mineral resources in Cambodia can also be found in Kratie, Mondulkiri, and Kampot. Nevertheless, this country still relies heavily on imports to meet the industry’s need for kaolin supply. As for the types of industry-grade kaolin products in Cambodia, the available options are kaolin powder, raw kaolin, or refined kaolin. 

Which Industries Use the Most Kaolin in Cambodia

The industries significantly using kaolin in Cambodia are ceramic and rubber. The ceramics made in Cambodia are recognized internationally because of their uniqueness and high quality. According to data released in 2020, this country managed to export ceramic products up to USD636,000. This accomplishment makes Cambodia the 107th largest exporter of ceramic products in the world. 

Another industry utilizing a lot of kaolin in Cambodia is rubber. In fact, the rubber supply from this country was included in the top 10 most exported products in 2021, with revenue worth USD422.1 million. Apart from that, kaolin is widely used in the manufacture of paints and coatings in Cambodia.

Kaolin Trade Activities in Cambodia

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Talking about trade activities in Cambodia, the primary industries contributing the most significant income in the country are tourism, garments, rubber, wood products, and textiles. Since rubber is one of the largest industries in the country, Cambodia’s need for kaolin is, of course, very high.

Regarding the fact, the country’s trading activity for this mineral is relatively fast. In 2018, Cambodia even imported kaolin and kaolinic clays up to 215,254 kg. Why is kaolin essential for the rubber industry? Kaolin is actually required to increase the strength of natural rubber. In the process, kaolin and rubber must be chemically bonded by pre-treating the filler surface with bis-(3-triethoxysilylpropyl)-tetrasulphane (TESPT). 

However, there is no data on kaolin export activities carried out by Cambodia so far. The largest export from this country in 2022 is still held by textile goods, which take up 70% of the total exports. Meanwhile, the kaolin-based product included in the top 5 exports of Cambodia is natural rubber.

Kaolin Potentialities in Cambodia

Since many industries in Cambodia require kaolin as a vital ingredient to make their products, this type of mineral is certainly precious to have. Unfortunately, Cambodia is still not able to become one of the active players in kaolin export. On the other hand, the country must import kaolin to meet its industrial demands. The best solution to overcome this problem is to get enough supply from a trusted kaolin supplier.

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