Brunei is a country with limited mineral resources, but it still needs minerals to support its industries. Because of it, most kaolin in Brunei must be imported, just like most of the other minerals. This country is not the biggest kaolin trade player in the world, but business owners can consider it one of the destinations to sell kaolin and its derivatives.

Overview of the Kaolin Market in Brunei

Brunei Darussalam heavily depends on natural gas and petroleum to support its economy. It covers almost 90 percent of the country’s exports and 88 percent of the government’s revenue. While Brunei is supposed to have small mineral deposits, including kaolin, reports on this are inadequate. Therefore, Brunei’s kaolin market depends on imports.

Several countries supply Brunei with kaolin. Aside from neighboring Indonesia, Brunei imports its kaolin from Japan, China, the United States, and the European Union. Despite depending on imports, Brunei has great potential in industries because of its strategic location, lenient tax policies, and investment opportunities. This means kaolin and other non-metal industrial minerals have bright potential in Brunei’s market for business owners.

Uses of Kaolin in Brunei

Example of the use of kaolin in Brunei

Aside from gas and petroleum, the Brunei government has invested in several industries to support the country’s economy. Many of these industries use kaolin in various stages of production. Here are several uses of kaolin in Brunei.

1. Pharmaceuticals

Brunei is quite big in pharmaceuticals and emphasizes halal ingredients in the making. Kaolin is a mineral with versatile uses in the pharmaceutical industry. For example, it might be a diluent (diluting agent), tablet filler, capsule coating, and granulating agent. Kaolin may also be used as an emulsifier in making pharmaceutical products.

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Kaolin is also mixed with the ingredients of several medications. For example, it is used to stop the bleeding in minor cuts. It is also mixed with medications for diarrhea, topical cream, and other digestion issues. Kaolin is also used as an emulsifier.

2. Constructions

The construction field in Brunei is quite thriving, and kaolin is one of the minerals used in it. The common use of kaolin is as a filler, mixed with paint, rubber, cement, and plastic. Adding kaolin to these materials increases durability against environmental effects and tensile strength.

Kaolin is also mixed with cement or concrete to create stronger construction. It serves as a binding agent that increases the durability of construction elements. Plus, as a non-metal material, kaolin has a low environmental impact!

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3. Paper Coating

Brunei’s industries and economic activities require a lot of high-quality paper products. Kaolin-coated paper is regarded as better and more appealing than regular sheets. Kaolin coat improves the opacity, brightness, and sheen. This type of paper also improves the quality of printing.

4. Beauty Industry

Kaolin is often used in the beauty industry as an ingredient for products like facial masks since it can absorb oil. Kaolin is also used as a mixture for powder, eye-shadow, blush-on, and lipstick. It gives these products a matte look and firm texture for easier application and reduces shine on the skin.

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5. Paint

The paint industry in Brunei supports its thriving construction field. Kaolin mixture in paint helps bring out its colors and emphasizes the matte (non-glossy) effect. It also makes the paint easier to control and apply on various surfaces.

Future of Kaolin Trading in Brunei

Since Brunei depends on various materials (including kaolin) to support most of its industries, the kaolin business holds great value. Kaolin business owners in other countries can consider sending their products. You can export kaolin to Brunei to support local businesses and build rapport.

Brunei seeks investments and developments in more diverse industries and fields. Indonesia has become one of the countries that supply kaolin to Brunei. Plus, more interest in industry trends and innovations mean kaolin will be in high demand.

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