Kaolin clay is associated with industries建设, but it also has a surprising impact for your body. The health benefits of kaolin are quite diverse, from better skin to gut problem care. Kaolin has been consumed by animalshumans since ancient times, but proper research on its health benefits only occurred in modern times.

Now, kaolin health benefits are accessible in various forms, available at pharmacies, drugstores, and many other commercial medical or commercial establishments. Here is the breakdown of its health benefits and how it works.

1. Digestive Health

Kaolin is a common treatment for treating digestive health problems, both in humans and animals. In wildlife, animals like parrots are known for consuming kaolin clay when they show symptoms of upset stomach. Kaolin works for conditions such as gastric ulcer and loose bowel movements.

Kaolin has a strong absorbing quality. When consumed in proper form and dosage, kaolin could help absorb water and toxins. Kaolin clay has also become a traditional remedy for upset stomach, such as in 中国, Africa, and South America.  

Kaolin also has some neutralizing quality, especially against pepsin and other stomach acids. This quality makes it a quite effective cheap antacid.

Kaolin is also present in some medications for pets, although they are usually considered off-label drugs. They are generally safe for pets as long as the owners follow the vet’s instructions. Kaolin for pets’ digestive health is usually given as a liquid suspension, preferably with food.

2. Diarrhea Management

Still related to the first point, diarrhea management is another common health benefit of kaolin. The clay’s absorption quality helps make the stool firmer. It is also believed that kaolin reduces the impact of the germ or bacteria that cause diarrhea. 

Kaolin is usually mixed with pectin in a special supplement to treat diarrhea. Some popular brands include Kapectolin, Kao-Con, Kaodene NN, and Kaolin Pec. While most of these products can be purchased without prescription, you still need doctor’s approval and know the precautions before taking one.


Health benefits of kaolin also extend to skincare treatment. Since it is considered a “gentle” clay, kaolin clay is generally safe for topical application. The skincare function comes from kaolin’s absorbing quality, as it could absorb excess oil and reduce common skin problems.

One of the most popular applications of kaolin clay is as a facial mask. You can make it yourself using a mixture of kaolin clay powder, essential oils, and water. However, the safer and more practical option is buying pre-made kaolin clay masks. Brands like Bare Essentials, Amson Naturals, and The INKEY List have kaolin clay masks for skin treatment.

Using a kaolin clay mask is believed to better clean the skin by absorbing oil from the pores. It reduces the risk of oil, dirt, and dead skin cells to pile up inside the pores. The long-term effect is clearer face and reduced risk of acne.

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4. Wound Healing

Various studies have discussed the use of kaolin for dressing wounds and speeding up the recuperation. Kaolin pad is thought to speed up the healing process because it could absorb the blood flow. A 2021 study published in Scientific Reports showed that using PVA/kaolin composite sponge on wounds mildly diminished bacterial activities and helped in reducing infection.

Kaolin gauze or pad might also be used during surgery to stop bleeding. While this needs further studies, kaolin gauze has been available for a while and can be used as a part of medical supplies.

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5. Oral Health

Health benefits of kaolin are not limited to the skin and guts, but also your teeth and gums. Kaolin clay has been incorporated in special toothpaste and oral powder. It is said to promote cleaner teeth due to the gentle cleansing quality.

Kaolin can also be found in some teeth whitening products. The clay offers gentle abrasion that helps whiten the teeth without damaging its surface. 

If you are bothered with cold sores, you can reduce the pain and speed up healing with kaolin mouthwash. A special kaolin mouthwash can create a protective layer inside your mouth. It coats the cold sore, reduces the pain, and makes it dry faster because of its absorbing quality.

6. Rash Relief

Thanks to the drying agent, kaolin can be used as a relief for various types of rashes. Aside from diaper rash, kaolin serves as an emergency relief for lesions caused by venomous plants, such as poison oak, poison ivy, and poison sumac.


While kaolin clay presents a lot of health benefits, remember that inhaling it can impact respiratory health. The International Labour Organization advises anyone who inhales kaolin dust to immediately find fresh air and rest, or go to the hospital if it disturbs breathing. Prolonged contact may cause your lungs to develop conditions like fibrosis.

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