Ever heard of or used talcum powder? Talcum is made from talc minerals. It’s a naturally occurring mineral from rock formations. While talcum powder is one of the more common applications of talc, it makes up a minor portion of the mineral’s varied usage. Its unique properties make it widely used in making paint, ceramics, paper, and many others.


Talc is commonly discovered in the convergent plate borders’ metamorphic rocks. In the US, for example, most of the country’s talc deposits are formed from the reaction of dolomitic marbles and dissolved silica and magnesium contained heated fluids. Talc formation may also happen when active fluids and heat come into contact with serpentinite and dunite rocks.  


On the Mohs scale of hardness, talc’s hardness is just one. This denotes that talc is a very soft material, even the softest on earth. It is easily scratchable with a fingernail. Another characteristic of talc is that it dislikes water and won’t absorb any liquid.



The mining process requires considerable care to prevent the talc from contaminating other minerals. Otherwise, the talc’s color may suffer due to these contaminants. Besides, contamination may make the talc pose issues in specific applications because of the mineral’s softness property. 

The chunks are then sent to the mills to be crushed into smaller particles. Afterward, the particles’ impurities are removed using mechanical processing or sometimes froth flotation. Typically, the mills deliver powder or crushed talc that meets the demands of the industries.





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Paper-making industries require talc to promote paper’s smoothness. As a filling agent, talc particles are added to the pulps during the paper-making process. In this way, the particles fill in the empty spaces between the pulp molecules, giving the surface of the paper smoothness for writing.

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The use of talc has not only ended there. The mineral is an additive mineral of asphaltic materials for roofing products in the US. The talc’s variety, soapstone, is applied to produce home electrical panels, countertops, figurines, etc. Moreover, its ground form is used as a lubricating agent in high-temperature manufacturing works.

从上面的阐述来看,滑石矿物与高岭土等其他矿物一样有价值。两者都用于陶瓷工业;滑石是一种添加剂,高岭土是一种基本成分。如果您的企业需要高质量的高岭土,您可以随时 联系PT Yudian Kawan Mineral本地和全球领先的优质高岭土生产商和供应商 拥有超过30年的经验。