Kaolin is a versatile ingredient that is usually used in a variety of industries, ranging from construction to pharmaceutical products. Its characteristics make kaolin can also be used in plastic manufacturing. We all know the demand for plastic usage in the world is very high. The manufacturers are actively seeking a new movement to improve their plastic products while still providing them benefits. To address that issue, kaolin comes as an element that is considered beneficial in some aspects of plastic manufacturing. 

Here are several benefits of utilizing kaolin in plastic.

1. Offers Good Quality Products

Because of its fine particle dispersion, high brightness, and minimal impurities, kaolin is an excellent plastic reinforcement material. Kaolin also helps to promote the physical attributes of a product, such as smooth surface finishing due to its natural characteristic, low water absorption that is important in plastic manufacturing, and improving mechanical properties while strengthening chemical and weathering resistance.

Moreover, kaolin can also help reduce plastic cracking during the curing process due to its plasticity. It will also make the plastic surface glossy and make it resistant to heat, chemical oxidation, corrosion, and the harmful effects of the chemical attack.

The fine size of the particle also makes the better reinforcement of the physical quality of the products. It can increase the product’s strength because the kaolin particle can tighten with the other materials, making it solid.

2. Improve Electrical Properties

PVC wire insulation often uses kaolin, especially calcined kaolin, which results when kaolin is heated to high temperatures. Kaolin is used because it is considered a material that can increase electrical properties. Due to its high-volume resistivity, calcined clay is beneficial for high-voltage insulation compounds requiring solid electrical resistance. Moreover, calcined kaolin has a low surface energy that develops some hydrophobicity or water resistance, making it suitable for PVC cable and wire coatings.

3. Affordable Cost

Manufacturers often use kaolin as a filler for their plastic production to achieve low costs but still maintain the quality of the product. Kaolin is used as a filler because it is considered a less expensive material than other forms of fillers. This is because kaolin is the most common mineral among other forms of clay mineral, allowing kaolin to be used in mass production at a relatively low cost.

Not only that, but filler plays a vital role in plastic manufacturing because it can increase the physical qualities of the plastic product. In this case, kaolin is a suitable material to be used as a filler for plastic manufacturing. Kaolin in plastic is a win-win solution!

4. Environmentally Friendly

Kaolin is a raw material that is obtained from nature. Because of its particular chemical and physical qualities, kaolin is a valuable natural material in the manufacturing industry. Many studies have proven that kaolin is environmentally friendly as long as the fine particle dust is controlled and the waste management is strictly controlled.

Not only that, kaolin is often used as one of the cosmetics and skincare ingredients. The same goes for the medical industry, which utilizes kaolin in its medical products. This is proof that kaolin is environmentally friendly and safe for human consumption.

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5. Easy Operation

Kaolin is a versatile raw material that is easy to work with. Kaolin has a consistent texture that is still manageable with the right amount. The natural white color of kaolin is also considered neutral, which makes the products can be altered to various colors according to the demands. Moreover, kaolin is also very easy to get. There are so many kaolin suppliers, so there will be no problem acquiring the material that can lead to a manufacturing delay or failure.

The several explanations for using kaolin in plastic above show that it is a good ingredient for plastic manufacturing. Kaolin not only gives a good product at a low production cost but is also supported by an environmentally safe role. A good manufacturer will always try to improve their products without decreasing quality. In this way, kaolin is the answer to better plastic production.

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